Why to choose timber roof trusses?

  • Depending on the project, the wood savings can be up to 40% in comparison to conventional timber roof constructions.
  • When designing trusses, the software considers all possible load scenarios: snow, wind, roof covering, insulation, interior decoration, etc., thus ensuring maximum structural strength.
  • Quick and easy installation of roof structures.
  • Quick installation, makes the construction of the roof, less weather-dependent.
  • Save time and money by installing trusses.
  • Trusses are produced using acknowledged industrial methods and equipment.
  • With timber roof trusses we are able to create large spans without additional supports, beams or load-bearing interior walls.
  • Roof trusses can be used both when building a new building and when renovating existing roof structures.

Roof truss design

  • We design timber roof constructions based on the wishes of each client and the specifics of the construction object. Our team develops the most technically efficient and financially advantageous project plan.
  • Our team develops the most technically efficient and financially advantageous project plan.
  • We develop projects considering the maximum load-bearing capacity of the structure, maintaining its low self-weight, which allows to save the used timber without losing the strength of the structure.
  • In the design process we include standard loads – snow, wind, planned roof covering, insulation, internal structures, as well as we can add other variable factors according to the customer's preferences.
  • Fast design in accordance with the latest Eurocode standards.
  • Before the production of the construction starts, customer has an opportunity to view the desired construction in 3D format.
  • We use PAMIR, the industry-leading roof truss and Posi-Joist metal web joist system design software.
  • PAMIR is used only by licensed manufacturers of Mitek roof truss connectors and Posi-Joist metal web joists.

Roof truss production

  • Timberlat has standardized the entire production process in accordance with EN 14250:2010 and has acquired the right to use the CE mark.
  • In the production of trusses, we use only certified coniferous wood – dried, sorted and planed, which corresponds to strength class C24.
  • We use the products of the world's leading manufacturer of connection plates – Mitek.
  • We work with the latest generation Randek single blade cut saw.
  • We use a MiTek hydraulic, type C press with magnetic tables to connect the truss structure.
  • Automation of the production line makes the production process much more efficient and accurate.


There is almost no limit to the size and geometry of the truss structure. Trusses can be used for various buildings, from residential houses to warehouses – they can be of different styles, and they can be used for both new buildings and reconstruction of the existing ones. Trusses are a good choice because they can be adapted to almost any project. We also offer attic roof trusses, in which we combine the roof structure with wall and floor elements, creating it as one large architectural element.

Roof truss installation

Prefabricated roof trusses are ideally suited for a cost-effective, accurate and time-saving construction process. Finished beams are assembled in the building shortly after delivery, thus eliminating the risk of timber damage.
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